Modo Announces Jonathan Hughes, CEO

Posted by Modo on Jul 1, 2021 11:30:00 AM

Modo announces Jonathan Hughes to join Modo as CEO.

DALLASJuly 1, 2021 -- Modo, a payments orchestration platform to the world’s most complex organizations, announced today that Jonathan Hughes has joined their team as Chief Operating Officer.

No stranger to the ever-evolving world of payments, Jonathan was part of the team that Bain Capital brought in to Worldpay to carve that business out of RBS and served as COO for Technology of the newly independent company. After the incredible success of Worldpay (sold to FIS for $43 billion in 2019), he operated as a private equity investor in FinTech and payments for several years.

More recently, Jonathan was the founding CEO of Tyl by NatWest - the re-entry of the NatWest group back into merchant acquiring - and co-founded Pollinate, a technology business that helps banks innovate in their payments businesses. During his time at Pollinate, Jonathan rapidly built a team to deliver large implementations for banks around the world; led several fund raises (including a $50m Series C closed earlier this year ); and was instrumental in signing a number of multi-year, multi-million dollar deals with banks too.  

Jonathan got to know Modo when he became one of our angel investors in 2017, and he has deep roots in the payments industry.

“For me, Modo was the next logical step, professionally. I’ve spend over a decade helping to shape the world of payments and Modo was already on track to be a solid contender in the payments space. It’s fortunate that our paths aligned when they did and I look forward to being at the helm as we head into our next chapter of growth,” says Jonathan.

About Modo

Modo is the payments orchestration platform for enterprises. We’re enabling the most complex global companies to move their payments infrastructure to the cloud, reduce their total costs of payments, and regain control of their payments data and money flows.

Modo’s cloud-native SaaS platform sits at the heart of our clients’ payments ecosystems, creating connectivity, control and cost reduction opportunities.

While a gateway just connects their customer to the external payments world, Modo gives global enterprise sellers the capability to control and manage their commerce propositions, money and data flows, provider relationships, and their clients’ payments experiences, whilst taking cost out of both transaction costs and internal operations. Head to to learn more!

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